Denise Quealy


Denise started volunteering with us over 25 years ago delivering Meals on Wheels.

Denise's volunteer roles within the community include:

  • Coo-ee Heritage and Information Centre
  • Community transport
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Christian Bookshop

Denise loves helping others and volunteers for a number of reasons. These include believing that the services we offer are very important to our community as they keep it alive and viable, and that it is important to give back and help out where you can. 

Denise's favourite part of volunteering is getting out and meeting people as she has always been a peoples person. She sees her role within the community as very important as it enables people to have social interaction that they may not otherwise be able to have. 

When she is not volunteering Denise loves to busy herself with craft, particularly sewing, and is currently learning to crochet. She also loved sport, however now focuses on watching it rather than playing. 

Denise has no plans in slowing down her volunteering and hopes that one day these services will be offered to her when she is older and in need. She would love to see some more faces get involved in volunteering within the community, especially some of the younger population. 

We wish to thank Denise for her many years of support and for the years to come!