Fees & Charges

For Cooee Lodge, fees and charges are determined by the government, following completion of an asset assessment that is sent to Centrelink. Clients can be asked to pay three separate fees depending on their assets and income; a basic fee, an accommodation payment and a means tested care fee.

1 - Basic Fee - All people receiving care are required to pay a basic fee. 

2 - Accommodation Payment - For Cooee Lodge the full Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is $300,000. The asset assessment will determine which percentage of this the individual and government will contribute. Alternatively, clients can choose to pay this in Daily Accommodation Payments (DAP) form which is nonrefundable, or a combination of the two. The current DAP fee is $68.54. 

3 - For those who fall above the asset/income threshold, a means tested care fee applies. This fee is an extra contribution towards the cost of care, subject to an annual and lifetime cap.

You can read more about the fees and charges for residential living in our Residential Living Guide.