About Gilgandra Lifestyles



Gilgandra Lifestyles is Gilgandra Shire Council's new aged care brand. It is an umbrella brand that ties together the 5 aged care services Council offers; Cooee Retirement Village, Cooee Lodge Hostel, Community Care, Jack Towney Hostel and Home Care Packages.

The brand and associate logo came about after Council undertook a marketing strategy analysis of its aged care services. The benefits of an umbrella brand enable the aged care services Council offers to utilise a designated website, creating one place for the community to find out about the available aged care choices. 

Importantly, each service will keep their own identify. The Cooee identity in particular is very strong within the community and will remain key to marketing their services. As such, the umbrella logo is accompanied by a suite of logos for each of the services. 

Council engaged the services of a graphic designer to assist with the creation of a logo. Working with the Aged Care Committee, Aged Care Managers and councillors, the finalised logo was created and chosen for its ability to communicate the key facets of our service offering.

Key elements behind our logo:

  • Images - use of a house and people to highlight the main elements of our services
  • Colours - a colour scheme based around greens has been utilised to highlight our services main point of difference; we operate in a rural community, with our services surrounded by greenery
  • Council connection - we are unique in that Council provides this suite of services to the community so utilise the Council colours to provide a subtle link.
  • Wording - the wording was chosen with the aim of highlighting that our aged care services are not about needing care or being old, but are about lifestyle choices.