Valerie Long


Valerie (Val) Long is once of Cooee Retirement Villages longest standing residents having moved into the village in 1995. Valerie moved in with her husband Brian when he became unwell and they realised they would need some extra support. They both knew Val would only want to move once and that they would no longer be able to keep up with mowing the lawns and other key home maintenance. 

Val and Brian moved into Wattle Crescent and quickly became part of the community with Brian often driving other residents to appointments and outings. When Brian passed in 2002, Val remained in their home and lives there to this day. Val likes living in Cooee for a number of reasons but thinks the peace and quiet and the strong community of friends are the highlights. She also loves that she has been able to stay close to her family and can go for a short drive to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren (she now has 5!).

"I think one of the best things about living in Cooee is the great compromise between support, activities and individual choice and independence. I can choose what I do day to day whilst knowing there is activities, security and maintenance all available should I need it. I quite enjoy being able to go to the activities, particularly happy hour, whilst also being able to relax in my own home without expectations."

Val is a beloved member of the Cooee community and can often be found in her kitchen cooking for other Cooee residents. Whilst she loves all cooking, baking and in particular sponges and biscuits are her specialty. Residents from within Cooee and the greater Gilgandra community will also often call on Val to make birthday and Christmas cakes, if you are in need - get in touch! 

When she isn't cooking up a storm Val can often be found reading in her sunroom, gardening or knitting. She is currently knitting some little booties for one of the Cooee friends who is expecting a great grandchild soon. 

Thanks a bunch for everything you do Val!