COVID-19 Updates

Cooee Lodge and Jack Towney Hostels

As COVID-19 continues to be active in our community, we would like to assure you that we will continue to put in place practice measures to minimise the potential spread of COVID-19 in line with NSW Health guidelines and the current Public Health Order.

9 February 2023


Gilgandra Lifestyles wishes to advise that Cooee Lodge has experienced its first cases of COVID. Residents are being well cared for by the clinical team and on call medical services.

Gilgandra Lifestyles is working with the Commonwealth Government for advice and support. A support workforce will be provided to Cooee Lodge to assist managing the health and care of our clients and staff. This team is provided by the Commonwealth, and has been specifically developed to support facilities with COVID cases.

Visitor restrictions remain in place, however compassionate visits may be requested.

Residents remain isolated in an attempt to curb transmissions, along with stringent infection control practice. Additional resident activities that can be achieved while isolated have been implemented.

Director Aged Care & Disabilities, Donna Dobson says,

“We are thankful to our staff, who are to be complemented as we work through this period, as well as their commitment to date in infection control procedures which has ensured that this exposure has been so limited.”


“We are providing families with regular communications regarding updates on residents and processes in place, and are ensuring that residents stay in good spirits. We thank families for their ongoing support and understanding.”

Gilgandra Lifestyles continues to work with the Public Health Unit and the Department of Health to ensure the best possible outcomes for residents and staff. 


Contact:         Donna Dobson                   

                       Director Aged Care & Disabilities


                        02 6817 8800