Nargiz Valiullin

Hostel Supervisor/Registered Nurse


I started to work at Cooee Lodge Hostel in the capacity of the Hostel Supervisor/Registered Nurse in late October 2017. I am originally from Russia and came to Australia in 2011. I completed the Master of Clinical Nursing Program at the University of Adelaide in 2014. Upon the completion of my studies, I workedas an Registered Nurse in a government aged care facility in South Australia and in a big private residential facility in New South Wales.

Cooee Lodge Hostel was originally designed as a low-care aged care facility for relatively physically independent customers. As the years passed and the clients subsequently became more dependent on the care, the facility started to provide all the care needs. I find my participation in the process of transforming the Hostel to a facility enabling to accommodate more high-care residents challenging and interesting at the same time. So far the process has been successful thanks to management’s commitment and the Council’s assistance. More staff members have been employed, the additional necessary equipment has been purchased and installed, and some organisational changes have been made. The progress is continuing to ensure that all clients feel welcomed, comfortable and safe, and staff is content which is also very important and helps to keep staff turnover on a minimal level.   

I am proud and pleased to be a member of a multidisciplinary team working together to deliver quality care to our customers. The team incorporates our staff, a local hospital, local general practitioners, a local pharmacy and Community Services.

Having been working at Cooee Lodge for a short period of time, I have realised that the smaller a community is, the friendlier and more appreciative people are. I constantly feel ongoing support and acknowledgement of my efforts and contribution from the community and the Council. I experience this impression when I go the local gym, participate in various social events such as Christmas parties and in the Staff Social Club’s events. The Council sponsors different professional development courses and workshops which I attend regularly to advance my skills and knowledge.

I am very happy to work at “Cooee” and to be a part of the Gilgandra Shire Council. I’d recommend anyone who is thinking of either joining the team, or becoming a resident, to jump on board.